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Chinese tourists become 'angels' to foreign countries

(People's Daily Online)

13:20, February 27, 2013

Warmth of the Spring Festival has spread across the world as Chinese tourists win goodwill and respect everywhere they go.

The Spring Festival has become a "golden week" in all countries around the world. Chinese tourists have become the largest power source for global outbound tourism. Whether as an individual or a group, the manners and conduct of Chinese tourists receive much attention.

In the words of the Australian tourism tycoon Charles Woodward, Chinese tourists to Australia are "the most generous customers". Some British media said that only the Chinese people can save the world economy and they even likened the Chinese tourists to "angels". At a time of weak world economy recovery and urgent need of impelling forces in various countries' consumer market, Chinese tourists abroad really gain glory. The services, with Chinese cultural ingredients and showing considerations to Chinese language and customs, also bring enough psychological satisfaction to the newly affluent Chinese.

Tourism is an economic behavior as well as a cultural behavior. During the tour, Chinese tourists have broadened their horizons and gained a better understanding of the world. At the same time, the world also understands China more truthfully and accurately through Chinese tourists. Close observations, and especially direct contacts are most helpful to eliminate misunderstanding due to unfamiliarity, form a three-dimensional full impression, and establish a natural and intimate relationship.

Chinese tourists have brought the fine traditions of Chinese civilization and the open and calm mental outlook to around the world and have left an overall good impression. The reason is very simple: no nation around the world respect us or open arms to embrace us just because of money. The reputation of "angels" should not only be synonymous with economic strength.

Rather, every Chinese person ought to be the mobile carrier of the image of China, and a constituent part of the "micro China". China's image in the eyes of the world may not be as perfect as we are looking forward to. Hearing critical comments certainly is less comfortable, but it will help us enhance introspective consciousness. From this perspective, the interaction with the outside world views is beneficial and will help us continue achieving self-improvement.

Outbound tours of the Spring Festival season has gradually come to an end, but the thinking it leaves to us will continue.

Source:People's Daily.

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