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Yuyang Ski Resort - Bunny Hills and Beyond

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08:56, January 17, 2013

Beginners take it easy on a conveyer belt at Yuyang Ski Resort. ( Wang)

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Skiing in Beijing somehow remains a bit of a secret, despite the fact that there's over ten within reach of the city center. Yuyang is about an hour's bus ride from Beijing, a modest mountain in the eastern district of Pinggu.

It's essentially one face of a mountain, which according to the website has over three kilometers of trails, accessible via two chairlifts. The map claims that nine runs are available, though in effect there is just one main run down the mountain, one smaller branches down the left side, plus two bunny hills on the right. Faster skiers or snowboarders could cruise from the heights of the top chairlift to the base of the mountain in roughly seven minutes.

The bottom of the central run is where the ramp section is located, targeted at snowboarders though certainly open to all. A series of rolling ramps and rails should keep tricksters entertained.

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