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Sex education is urgent


15:05, May 31, 2013

(Source: China Youth Daily)

The headmaster of a school in the recent assault case said a lack of sex education for children contributed to the problem as the youngsters did not know how to protect themselves when assaulted. Some of the victims did not know they were sexually assaulted.

Since early 1990s, China has laws to promote sex education in schools, but it has not been put into practice. Lack of sex education leads to many problems such as sexual assault against children or minors abortions.

In practice, sex education has been controversial since some worry it will stimulate children's curiosity about sex and some may promote sexual activity. But frequent sex assault cases against children have made education necessary and urgent. At least, children should be taught how to protect themselves from sex attacks.

Peng Xiaohui, sexology professor with Central China Normal University, said, "Sex education should begin from a child's birth. Between 0 and 3, children should be given gender and health education; between 4 and 9, children should be given sex safety education and basic sexual physiology education. Over 10, children should be taught how to deal with the opposite sex."

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