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Universities invite overseas experts to inspire students

(Shanghai Daily)

11:30, May 26, 2013

SHANGHAI universities are inviting more international experts to give lectures to undergraduates, hoping they can inspire students to be more creative and innovative.

Hartmut Esslinger, who founded Frog Design and worked on Apple's language design with Steve Jobs, will lecture 60 students at Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts during the fall semester.

The students, who are majoring in product design, will be inspired to think freely and reject good ideas to push for even better ideas.

The students in the experimental class will be selected from freshmen enrolled this September. The school said Esslinger will participate in the course design and evaluation.

According to a report by Xinmin Evening News, Esslinger said he wanted to bring an innovative education concept to China, which is shared by many world experts.

Robin King, CEO of Imagina Corporation, will also instruct an experimental animation class. King, the first professor to set up a computer animation major in the world, is interested in cultivating first-class Chinese animation talents.

In recent years, such classes and cooperation with famous international companies have been introduced to several local universities to improve education quality.

Last year, Tongji University cooperated with Rovio mobile, the developer of the Angry Birds mobile game, to build a theme park featuring Angry Birds on its campus. Students at the school's Creative and Design College were asked to add Chinese elements to the park's design.

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