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Submersible Jiaolong resumes deep-sea mission


14:28, June 16, 2013

China’s deep-sea submersible Jiaolong has resumed its exploration mission, after taking shelter from winds in east China’s Xiamen City.

The mother ship, Xiangyanghong-09 oceanographic vessel, is scheduled to arrive at designated area this afternoon. The first unmanned dive is scheduled for Monday. High waves and gale winds forced the ship to seek shelter in Xiamen on Thursday.

While there, the crew checked the underwater acoustic communication equipment and prepared an 84-hour oxygen supply. Food and water were also stocked for the upcoming dive. The Jiaolong originally set off on its 113-day mission on Monday. Scientists will conduct experiments on Jiaolong’s positioning system, deep-sea surveys in the South China Sea, and biological surveying and geological sampling in the North Pacific Ocean.

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