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Diet rumors in 2012 (IV): Fresh-baked bread causes cancer?

(People's Daily Online)

08:19, December 25, 2012

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Rumor: Fresh-baked bread has to be laid up for at least two hours before being eaten since it is so hot and the yeast has not disappeared. People may also have harmful carcinogens together with the fresh-baked bread.

The yeast would stop fermenting until the core temperature of the bread reduces to 40 degrees Celsius and below. At that time, carbon dioxide is fully exhausted, and it is safe for people to have them.

The truth:

You may find out loopholes of the rumor if reading it carefully. It says that carcinogens come from the yeast and people should be careful about carbon dioxide.

As is known, yeast is used to leaven wheaten food including steamed bun and bread. Such soda drinks as Cola are rich in carbon dioxide. Could these two things cause cancer?

According to experts, yeast is a microorganism, which plays a major role in the stage of dough-leavening. When the bread is baked, the temperature is as high as 200 degrees Celsius which could kill all of the yeast. Moreover, there is no scientific basis saying yeast causes cancer.
It is also groundless to say carcinogen disappears in cold conditions.

Carbon dioxide has little impact on health no matter it is exhausted or not. Soda drinks and beers contain more carbon dioxide.

Eating hot foods for long may increase the risk of oral cancer, and it is applicable for all kinds of hot soup, meat and water, not limited to bread.

Read the Chinese version: 2012“饮食谣言”大盘点(下), source: Beijing Morning Post

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