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Xi’an—Ancient Capital

(People's Daily Online)

15:45, June 07, 2013

Xi’an, previously known as Chang’an, was acclaimed as “a vast area with thousand miles of firm and solid city walls and a land of abundant resources” in the Record of Historians. Xi’an was the starting point of the world-famous Silk Road and was one of the four most famous ancient capitals in the world. Having served as capitals for 13 dynasties over 1,100 years, Xi’an is hilled as the first ancient capital of China because it has the longest history serving as capitals for the biggest number of dynasties in Chinese history. Therefore, Xi’an has been the most influential capital city and enjoys the fame to possess the best historic relics in China. Xi’an is the cradle of the Chinese nation, the birthplace of Chinese civilization and a representation of Chinese culture.

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