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A City with Tang-style

(People's Daily Online)

17:30, May 23, 2013

\Xi’an, as an ancient capital, is endowed with thick cultural atmosphere and historical stories. Coming here, you cannot miss the songs and dances resembling that of the Tang Dynasty. Immersed in this magnificent performance, you may feel as if time had been changed and be confused with where you are.

Entering the City Wall—First Welcoming Ceremony in China
Performance of entering Xi’an at the foot of the City Wall is based on the ancient rituals and rules of the Kaiyuan Heyday Period. Stage properties, costumes, music and dance are set to simulate styles of the Tang dynasty according to the archeological excavations and historic documents. Folk rituals in ancient times and creative performance are also added to it.
Venue: southern gate of Xi’an city wall

The Song of Eternal Sorrow—large-scale dance drama with natural set
The Song of Eternal Sorrow is based on the romantic yet sad love story of the Tang Minghuang and Yang Yuhuan. With Mount Lishan as its background and Jiulong Pool of Huaqing Palace as its stage, the drama starts by 77 couples vowing love. Under the splendid lights, Mount Lishan and Huaqing Pool create a magnificent stage effect, enabling audiences to fully experience the glamour of the grand Tang culture.
Venue: Huaqing Pool, Lintong, Xi’an

Tang Palace Show
—show in the palace, demonstration of the grand Tang Dynasty
Venue: Tang Music Palace

Tang Style Show
—show and dinner of the Tang Dynasty, inaugurating a new era
Venue: Shaanxi Grand Opera House

Dreaming Back to the Tang
—incorporating poetry, music and dance to present scenes in the grand Tang Dynasty
Venue: Tang Paradise, Xi’an

Brilliance of the Tang
—fashionable manifestation of the Tang Show, unfolding beauty of the heyday
Venue: Sunshine Beauty City Grand Theater

Night Banquet in Chang’an
—legend of seven women, recurring images of the ancient capital
Venue: Xi’an Changle Theater

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