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Composition topics of Chinese exam unveiled as Gaokao in progress

(People's Daily Online)

17:14, June 07, 2013

9.1 million applicants are expected to sit this year's college entrance exam on June 7 and 8. As the Chinese exam has just finished, the composition topics of the exam were revealed one after another, causing debates on the Internet.

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During your time in high school, there must be something you cannot forget, be it a heated argument with your classmates or the inspiration from others.

Some agency has carried out a research on the relationships between classmates in schools. The result shows that 60 percent of the students find the relationships consent, while 36 percent of them consider it OK, and 4 percent thinks the relationship is unsatisfied. The reason of the intense relationship can be over self-awareness, personality clashes or competition.

Another 72 percent of the students are quite confident about creating a harmonious atmosphere.

Choose your own angle and style to write an article with the given material. Do not digress from the material.

Material composition. The conversation between two scientists. How would Thomas Alva Edison react to the mobile phone if he came to the 21st century? No less than 800 words, choose your own title.

Write a composition on “donation”.

A person became a billionaire from scratch. He was generous and has devoted himself to charity. He then knew that there were three poor families that lived very hard lives. He felt sympathy for the families and decided to donate for them. One family was very grateful and accepted his donation. Another family hesitated but accepted at last and declared that they would pay him back. The last family thanked him for his generosity but declined it as they thought it was an alm.

Some men see things as they are and say why? I dream things that never were and say “Why not?”- George Bernard Shaw. Write an essay on how you think of the words of Bernard Shaw.
The essay should be within 800 words.

The more important thing.
People are always busy doing things that they think are important, but it seems there is always something more important in the world. Write an essay on your opinion on the topic.

Choose a topic on “Live a balanced life”.

Sand and pearl.
A young man was depressed as his career stagnated. He met an old man by the seashore. The old man grabbed a handful of sands and threw them on the seashore, then asked him, “Can you find them?” The young men said no. Then the old man threw a pearl on seashore, and asked him the same question again. The young man said yes. Then he had an epiphany: one should be something different before he got recognition.

The containers for milk are always square boxes; containers for mineral water are always round bottles; round wine bottle are usually placed in square boxes. Write a composition on the subtle philosophy of the round and square.

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