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Phantom swoops through Shanghai (2)

By Zhang Kun (China Daily)

10:38, July 05, 2013

Artists perform during the dress rehearsal of the Chinses version of Western musical "Cats" at Shanghai Grand Theater in Shanghai, east China, Aug. 17, 2012. The famous musical "Cats" is created by British musician Andrew Lloyd Webber. (Photo/Xinhua)

"We might have the show's last performance in the Asia-Pacific," Fei says.

Phantom tells the story of young soprano Christine Daan who is obsessed with the "Phantom", a mysterious disfigured musical genius who wears a mask and lives in the theater.

Starring in the Asian tour will be American Brad Little, who has appeared in more than 2,000 performances and was the lead actor in Shanghai 10 years ago. Female lead Christine Daan will be played by Australian actress Claire Lyon.

"Last time Phantom was in Shanghai, 90 percent of tickets sold, which was incredibly good box office performance for the industry," Fei says.

Tickets will be sold in five rounds, with a 3 to 8 percent price rise each time. The theater has decided to adopt the system not only because of its confidence in the popularity of the show but also to encourage audiences to book their tickets as soon as possible.

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