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New music from old friends (2)

By Xu Jingxi (China Daily)

10:33, July 05, 2013

Pianist Wang Yuja and conductor Dutoit have collaborated in more than 100 performances across the globe.(Photo/China Daily)

The contrast between the oceans depicted in La Mer and in German classical composer Mendelssohn's Overture: The Herbride, which opens the concert, will be a highlight.

While the rumbling notes in Mendelssohn's piece vividly evoke scenes of waves crashing against rocks that the composer saw on a trip to Scotland, the roaring sea becomes gentle and dreamy in Debussy's work.

"The French repertoire requires an evanescent outlook, very magical and colorful. The German repertoire needs a different sound, more present and substantial," Dutoit says.

"The sound of an orchestra is important to me, and I do spend a lot of time working on the different aspects of sounds. Sound corresponds to the style of music and demonstrates the versatility of an orchestra."

Dutoit is one of the first European conductors to visit China. In 1996, Dutoit made his debut in the country with the French National Orchestra.

He is now one of the most familiar world-class conductors to Chinese audiences, thanks to his frequent visits and collaborations with Chinese orchestras.

He has also served as the artistic director of Canton International Summer Music Academy since 2005.

Besides Wang, he has collaborated with Lang Lang and Li Yundi, and is profuse in his praise for young Chinese musicians. He marvels at their wide repertoire and deep understanding of Western music.

Dutoit values working with different generations. He says it is important to share and teach his own experiences and ways of working.

"When I was young, we were encouraged to not only study the musical notes but also to research the life of the composer, the sociopolitical context in which a work was written and to assimilate all of these components into our studies," recalls the conductor, who has broad interests in history, politics, architecture and archaeology.

"This was handed down to me by my mentors. By sharing this way of working, I feel we maintain a connection between the generations."

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