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Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao's address at the Second World Peace Forum (3)


21:00, June 28, 2013

China has always been a staunch force in safeguarding world peace. The goal of China's foreign policy is to strive for world peace. We support anyone who promotes peace and oppose anyone who seeks war or hegemony. China is the only nuclear state to publicly undertake not to be the first to use nuclear weapons or to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear weapon states or nuclear-weapon free zones. It has earnestly fulfilled its international responsibilities and obligations, and is the largest contributor of engineering, transport and medical units among the 115 troop-contributing countries to UN peacekeeping missions. On regional hotspot issues such as the Korean nuclear issue, Iranian nuclear issue, Syria and Palestine-Israel conflict, China has worked actively to promote peace through talks, and played a constructive role in easing tension and upholding regional peace. China has insisted on resolving conflicts of territorial claims and disputes over maritime rights and interests with its neighbors through dialogue and negotiation. So far, it has successfully settled land boundary questions left over from history with 12 neighboring countries. China's development contributes to world peace and stability. As China becomes more developed and open, and has closer links with the rest of the world, it will have greater need for a long-term, peaceful and stable international environment, and be an even more positive factor and staunch force for upholding world peace.

The world today is in the midst of profound transformation. Security issues pose a major challenge to world peace. Traditional security threats such as armed conflict, arms race and nuclear proliferation are intertwined with non-traditional ones such as terrorism, climate change, economic security, food security, energy and resources security, and cyber security. The shadow of war has not been completely dispelled, and the fundamental problem of the absence of international security order cries out for solution. In the face of such increasingly complex and pluralistic security challenges, we should readjust the traditional security theories that are outdated and foster new concepts of international security.

First, security depends on peace. Peace is fundamental to security. Bellicosity will not bring about a better world. Given the sophisticated technologies and the trend of globalization, war is not only a scourge for mankind; it may even destroy human race. According to UN statistics, by the end of 2012, the number of refugees in the world had reached 45.2 million. Between 2004 and 2009, about 55,000 people died in war or terrorist attacks each year, and the actual death toll may be even higher. Differences and disputes are hardly avoidable between states. What is important is to stick to the right direction of peaceful dialogue and political settlement. Countries should work to foster a secure environment by upholding the principle of peaceful coexistence, address security issues by conducting peaceful dialogue, and maintain security order through peace mechanism. As a Chinese saying goes, "To ensure something is straight, one needs to rely on a marking line; to draw a perfect circle, one needs to use a compass." The post-war international order of peace was established at the cost of 70 million lives; it is a progressive system for maintaining world peace. Commitment to this system should never waver, nor should the system be overturned, negated or undermined in any way. All countries should work to uphold, build and promote the international peace order, and jointly create a harmonious and stable international and regional environment.

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