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Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao's address at the Second World Peace Forum (2)


21:00, June 28, 2013

Peace is at the core of China's foreign policy. China makes the pursuit of peace the top priority in its foreign policy. We always believe that the international relations should be handled in accordance with the five principles of peaceful co-existence. Countries, big or small, should be treated as equals. All countries should uphold the principles of mutual respect for each other's sovereignty and territorial integrity, mutual non-aggression, mutual non-interference in each other's internal affairs, equality and mutual benefit and peaceful co-existence. China is against the practice of the big and strong bullying the small and weak. We are opposed to hegemony and power politics. China calls for peaceful resolution of international disputes and conflicts through consultation and negotiation. We are opposed to arbitrary use or threat of force, violation of other countries' sovereignty, and interference in other countries' internal affairs against their will. When it comes to conflicts left over from the past, calm and restraint should be exercised in order to seek a new path of peaceful solution through talks and reconciliation. For immediate tensions, joint efforts should be made to find peaceful solution through dialogue and consultation. We call for the establishment of mechanisms whereby all countries can work together to maintain regional and global peace. We call on countries to reject the Cold-War mentality and the alliance-or-confrontation mindset, establish security mechanisms featuring multilateral cooperation, let the United Nations play its important role in safeguarding world peace, and work together to prevent conflict and war.

China is committed to the path of peaceful development. Peace is the primary need for people throughout the world, including the Chinese people. Without peace, there is no development undertaking to speak of. China owes its development in more than 30 years of reform and opening-up to a peaceful environment. Today's China remains a developing country and has a long way to go before realizing modernization. It still needs a long-term, peaceful and stable international environment. In the future, as China grows stronger, it will continue to follow the path of peace. China will never seek hegemony or engage in expansion. This is a solemn commitment of the Chinese government to its own people and people of other countries. It is also a choice of national development direction that serves the fundamental interests of the Chinese people and the shared interests of mankind as a whole. China's path of peaceful development pursues scientific development, which puts people first, advocates comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable progress, and envisions to bring more development benefits to the entire population in a more equitable way. The path calls for open development, through which China more readily integrates with the rest of the world, and engages in intensive economic, technological and cultural exchanges with other countries to enhance understanding and friendship with people elsewhere. The path champions cooperation-based development, through which China expands friendship and cooperation with other countries. We can learn from each other in healthy competition in order to pursue peace, defuse tension and promote development all through cooperation. The path also seeks win-win development with other countries. China will never seek its own development at the expense of interests of other countries; instead, it accommodates the legitimate concern of other countries while seeking its own interests and works for common development of all while pursuing its own development. China will stick to this path of peaceful development, and hopes that other countries will do the same, so that together we will open up a new horizon of peace and development for mankind.

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