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Childhood memories: American cartoons from 2D to 3D (3)


09:38, June 05, 2013


While absorbing new elements, their unique style has not been lost, with lively characters and happy endings catering to their core audiences. One of their approaches is to combine Broadway musical forms into animation which is rarely seen in other countries.

In the late 90s, with 3D technology emerging, cartoons became a booming business with major producing companies pouring more money into developing fictional figures.

Disney is no longer the only animation giant in the market. Dreamworks and Pixar have joined the race and in turn are redefining the old stereotypes. Old villains like Shrek the ogre can now take home the beautiful princess, while in "Ice Age" it's unconventional characters like a hairy mammoth and a sloth that grab people’s attention.

Although some people consider American cartoon plotlines to be often replicated without offering in-depth thinking, it’s still constantly evolving and is one of the most vital cartoon markets in the world.

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