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Six Chinese cities with best feng shui (6)

People's Daily Online)  09:33, May 29, 2013  



Lying in the middle south part of Guangdong province and with Zhujiang to its west and Dapeng Bay to its east, Shenzhen is a beautiful city with good feng shui and beautiful scenery. With its good location, Shenzhen is very prosperous and plays an important role in the development of the Chinese economy.

Shenzhen is a major city in south China's Guangdong province, situated immediately north of Hong Kong. The area became China's first — and one of the most successful — Special Economic Zones (SEZs). It currently also holds sub-provincial administrative status, with powers slightly less than a province.

Shenzhen is situated in the Pearl River Delta, bordering Hong Kong to the south, Huizhou to the north and northeast and Dongguan to the north and northwest.

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