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Top 10 Chinese cities with longest workdays

By Lin Liyao  (

13:26, September 17, 2012

Guangzhou, with its average of 9.02 working hours per day, became the most worn-out city in all of China this year, according to a recent survey of the working hours and amount of break time of Chinese employees.

The report shows that Chinese workers generally have to sweat it out in their offices for some 8.38 hours every day, 0.38 hours longer than the legal time limit of 8 hours per day. Furthermore, 65.8 percent of Chinese workers, especially the so-called white collars, have to work overtime. They do manage to get around 7.33 hours of sleep every day.

Over 30,000 Chinese employees from over 28 cities throughout the country were asked to take part in the survey. Their average working time came to an average of no less than 8.66 hours a day.

The research was co-published by the Institute for Social Science Surveys at Peking University and, an online recruitment website in China.

Here follow the top 10 Chinese cities with longest working hours in 2012:

Top 10: Tianjin, 8.55 working hours (file photo)

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