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A glimpse of Cannes Film Festival (2)


13:28, May 23, 2013

Actor and director Keanu Reeves poses during a photocall on a front pier to present his film "Man of Tai Chi" at the 66th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes May 20, 2013.(CNTV)

"Our leading actor is Xu Zheng, we just signed him on board and he is the No. 1 star director right now in China. With the movie ’Lost in Thailand’ and it has grossed US$200 million, so he is voicing the rabbit for us so we are very happy to have him on the cast. And more great casting news to come," producer of "Legend of a Rabbit" Wang Dafang said.

Keanu Reeves’s debut "Man of Tai-Chi"

And another Chinese inspired movie is Keanu Reeves’s directorial debut, "Man of Tai Chi." The star also appears in the new movie.

"Yes the first day of that was not too much fun. My thought of it was as an actor you are concerned with your role, you are concerned with your story, but your context in it. It has got a little more me in it. I am preparing, an actor prepares. The director’s side is much more other, it is looking out. You are responsible for this. So when there is this and that. The first day I just didn’t quite have it. It wasn’t pleasurable," director of "Man of Tai Chi" Keanu Reeves said.

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