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Chinese to stage Shakespeare play in UK (4)


08:54, May 06, 2013


"Even if it’s performed in Chinese, the charm and power of Shakespeare’s drama is still there. In addition, when we play in Edinborough, the extras will be played by locals, who are English speakers. They will say English lines. We’ll show that Chinese can deliver the strength of Shakespeare’s play." Pu Cunxin, Actor in "Coriolanus" said.

The drama, which shows the cruelty of a society toward an unyielding hero, caused a stir on the Chinese drama scene when it debuted in 2007. This re-staging serves as a warm up before the troupe’s tour in the UK, and there are still three months to make revisions.

The show will be presented at the esteemed Edinburgh Art Festival. Playing Shakespeare in Chinese in Britain is going to be challenging for the audience there, but the edgy creative elements of the show make it very fitting to the spirit of the event. We hope they get a warm response in Shakespeare’s home country.

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