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Huawei has no plans for listing (3)

By Shen Jingting in Shenzhen (China Daily)

10:26, April 24, 2013

"We are not particularly interested in the US market," Xu said. He did not provide more details. Huawei previously denied it posed any threat to the US.

Huawei generates revenue mainly from three business groups. Its flagship carrier business sells equipment to telecom operators, while its consumer group sells handsets and tablets to end-users. The enterprise unit, which had the highest growth rate, conducts business with corporations.

The three business groups are closely tied, Xu said. In the smartphone business, for example, all consumers can create and consume information through the devices, which will translate into higher data traffic flow over operators' networks. It drives carriers to continually expand capacity. "Therefore, it serves the fundamental interests of our carrier business," he said.

Xu added that he expects Huawei's networking equipment sales targeted at enterprises to rise to $10 billion by 2017.

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