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Formula One China Grand Prix free practice times (2)


19:12, April 12, 2013

Second practice session

1. Felipe Massa, Brazil, Ferrari, 1:35.340

2. Kimi Raikkonan, Finland, Lotus, 1:35.492

3. Fernando Alonso, Spain, Ferrari, 1:35.755

4. Nico Rosberg, Germany, Mercedes, 1:35.819

5. Mark Webber, Australia, Red Bull, 1:36.092

6. Jenson Button, Britain, McLaren, 1:36.432

7. Lewis Hamilton, Britain, Mercedes, 1:36.496

8. Adrian Sutil, Germany, Sahara Force India, 1:36.514

9. Paul Di Resta, Britain, Sahara Force India, 1:36.595

10. Sebastian Vettel, Germany, Red Bull, 1:36.791

11. Sergio Perez, Mexico, McLaren, 1:36.940

12. Romain Grosjean, France, Lotus, 1:36.963

13. Esteban Gutierrez, Mexico, Sauber, 1:37.103

14. Daniel Ricciardo, Australia, Scuderia Toro Rosso, 1:37.206

15. Jean-Eric Vergne, France, Scuderia Toro Rosso, 1:38.127

16. Valtteri Bottas, Finland, Williams, 1:38.185

17. Nico Hulkenberg, Germany, Sauber, 1:38.211

18. Pastor Maldonado, Venezuala, Williams, 1:38.276

19. Jules Bianchi, France, Marussia, 1:38.725

20. Giedo van der Garde, Netherlands, Caterham, 1:39.271

21. Charles Pic, France, Caterham, 1:39.814

22. Max Chilton, Britain, Marussia, 1:43.227

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