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Electricity use increase shows stronger economy (2)

By Lan Lan (China Daily)

08:15, March 15, 2013

The State Electricity Regulatory Commission in January predicted that electricity consumption will grow more than 9 percent in 2013, higher than last year's growth rate.

The State Council earlier this week announced that the State Electricity Regulatory Commission will no longer exist after it is folded into the National Energy Administration.

"The reorganization will help better supervise China's overall energy development, but the slash of the minister-level department, the SERC, may also indicate a strategy shift, as the SERC used to be the most active advocator for reforming China's power system," Lin said.

The restructured energy administration will mainly be responsible for the strategy, planning, policies, reform and supervision of the nation's energy development.

The country's electricity generation capacity increased by 6,480 megawatts in the first two months, with hydropower accounting for 1,560 MW and coal-fired power 3,400 MW, according to the NEA.

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