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City provides big advantages for companies and workers (4)

By Ed Zhang  (China Daily)

08:46, February 22, 2013

Other concerns

But Zhang also has other concerns that are new to the ancient city of Xi'an, and cannot be easily dealt with even with government help.

"Should I let the company grow so large so quickly? Should I just hire 700 more people once I get the office space?" He shook his head.

"The foreigners don't know what a different generation of workers we have now," the self-made IT company leader said.

"I mean the post-'90s generation. They are not the kind of people I used to work with. Can I manage them as well as I managed the elder workers? I doubt it."

Even in Xi'an, a landlocked city with highly visible signs of its old tradition, a quiet revolution is underway, with more self-centered college-educated young workers entering the companies that used to run themselves like big families or disciplined army units.

"A guy said his scalp felt itchy because he had been too busy and not taken a proper shower for three days, and then he just left. Quit the job, I mean," Zhang said. "I was dumbstruck, having never seen a worker like this before."

He said he can't access any useful service in this regard in Xi'an right now - no consultants are available in either human resources management or workplace psychology. And without adequate experience or professional assistance, he said, he is in no hurry to build up a larger team and to grab more deals.

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