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Promoting peace on Korean Peninsula (2)

(China Daily)

11:23, February 05, 2013

Seoul succeeded in putting its satellite into space in its third attempt last Wednesday, which has had a negative effect on Pyongyang. The DPRK now feels more insecure. The reason is simple: the ROK, as a member of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, will be protected by the US while the DPRK, having opted out of the treaty, will face more sanctions for continuing with its missile technology.

Pyongyang seeks Washington's security commitment before abandoning its nuclear program, whereas the US insists that the DPRK abandon its nuclear program first to get any commitment. Hence, in more ways than one, the hostile US-DPRK relationship is the main obstacle in denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.

Also, the US, the ROK and Japanese right-wing forces would exploit another nuclear test by the DPRK to "tighten the screws" on Pyongyang. The US will also use it to strengthen its military alliance with the ROK and Japan, and drive a wedge between China and the ROK, which would deal a heavy blow to the China-Japan-ROK free trade area promoted by Beijing.

As the only superpower, the US should honor its international obligations in letter and spirit instead of using conflicts to fulfill its strategic interests. If the US really cares about the security of its allies, especially the ROK, it should try to continue its dialogue with the DPRK and draw it to the negotiating table.

The DPRK knows that China's efforts in the Security Council discussions eased the international pressure on it. So it's time the DPRK realized that it has everything to gain and nothing to lose by participating in the Six-Party Talks, which remains the best platform to restore permanent peace and stability on the Peninsula.

It is now up to the international community, especially the US, the ROK and Japan, to prevent a desperate DPRK from conducting another nuclear test to have its voice heard, even till the last minute.

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