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'China Model' breaking hegemony of Western universal values (2)

(People's Daily Online)

14:40, January 15, 2013

For China, re-globalization is the only way to eliminate the “China threat” theory. The current "globalization" is actually the "globalization" of Western systems and culture. "Real globalization" respects various cultures, ideas, and development models, and values cultural diversity.

In the new era, the world needs Chinese dreams because the "China Model" is enriching universal values.

Western universal values have suffocated diversity in the world in modern times. Insightful Europeans have realized that the Western civilization lacks momentum in dealing with an uncertain world, and is even unable to get rid of the debt crisis. They consider the Chinese civilization to be a good alternative to the Western civilization. China’s logic of "changing oneself and influencing the world" has evolved into the logic of "civilization transformation." This is the main information sent by China's path of peaceful development featuring the rise of a great power, national rejuvenation, and civilization transformation. The logic of "civilization transformation" lies in realizing "world dreams" through "Chinese dreams," and providing systems and spiritual public goods that originate in China but belong to the world.

The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation does not mean reverting to old ways, which cannot help solve today's problems and global challenges. It does not mean copying Western systems either. The West is not very advanced, and is having a hard time right now. The great rejuvenation means rejuvenation, inclusiveness, and innovation.

Trough rejuvenating its traditional civilization, show tolerance to Western universal values and innovating human civilization, China can lay foundations for becoming a leading country in the world.

Read the Chinese version:中国模式正在打破“普世价值”霸权; Source: People's Daily Overseas Edition; Author: Wang Yiwei

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