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Heilongjiang counts the cost of snowstorm (3)


13:38, November 14, 2012

The 55-year-old woman said: "My neighbors went out to buy candles and emergency lights in case power supplies are affected again this winter."

Many residents are also walking instead of driving, and writing instead of using computers.

Du Peng, a 25-year-old civil servant in Hegang, said power supplies had not been restored in his office on Tuesday, forcing the workforce to handwrite documents.

He said one of his friends also had to walk two hours to the office on Monday, which is about 8 km from his home, because public transportation services were suspended.

With the city paralyzed, some taxi drivers are trying to cash in, with cab fares rising from 6 yuan per person to up to 10 yuan on Monday.

Kou Guimei, deputy general manager of the BUT supermarket company in Hegang, said food prices are still stable and the supermarket has sufficient food and water supplies.

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