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Xi meets executives of famous multinational companies
Xi Jinping Thursday met with executives of a number of famous multinational companies, who are in Beijing to attend a special session of the round-table summit of the Global CEO Council.
China says US threats forcing retaliation
The United States' capricious way of policymaking and swinging "big sticks" at negotiations will do no good in solving problems, and China has to take strong countermeasures.
57% World Cup ticket buyers from China are women who want to see players up close
Some 100,000 soccer fans from China will visit Russia for the World Cup, ranking third among all countries.
Deaf Chinese girl accepted to study doctorate at Tsinghua University
Jiang Mengnan recently attracted attention across China when she was accepted to begin her doctoral education at the prestigious Tsinghua University.
The Forbidden City Concubines and the Tragic Tale of Consort Zhen
Concubinage is deeply steeped in China’s history.
China looks for "green delivery" methods to cut express delivery packaging waste
Parcel packaging pollution has become an environmental threat as the daily lives of citizens are facilitated by the express delivery industry.
Chinese football fans spend 30,000 yuan each in Russia
The 2018 World Cup will attract more than 100,000 Chinese tourists who are expected to generate 3 billion yuan in revenue during their time in Russia.


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