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Trump, Kim sign agreement after historic summit
The US president called the document "important" and "comprehensive", while the DPRK leader described it as "historic."
More overseas Chinese return to China for college education
Nearly 800 children from overseas Chinese and returning overseas Chinese families sat the exam over 2016 and 2017, the number reaching 522 in 2018.
China’s hybrid wheat heading towards mass production
The hybrid wheat has been proven to outperform the common wheat in terms of yield, water use, drought and disease resistance.
China may embrace another boom in cross-border e-commerce
The faster pace of opening up not only offers new choices for domestic consumers, but also attracts the attention of global merchants.
China faces severe transplant organ shortage
It's estimated that an average of 300,000 patients require a transplant every year, but only about 16,000 operations are likely to be performed.
Chinese students' security concerns in U.S. grow
As enough grief concentrated in this June, many Chinese students in the United States found they are facing more challenges on campus.
Chinese products make World Cup more entertaining and convenient
From elevators to mascot products, Chinese companies are gaining a higher degree of exposure at international sports events.


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