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  1. Money not the answer to all problems
  2. Syria conference unlikely to be in July
  3. Snowden not on board flight to Cuba
  4. Cause of human rights should ground in reality
  5. Snowden case should not affect Sino-U.S. ties
  6. Chinese consumer spending weakens

  1. [Travel] Ancient town Lijiang in SW China
  2. [Travel] Tianshan inscribed World Heritage List
  3. [Travel] Top 10 private gardens in China
  4. [Travel] Beautiful scenery of Taiwan's Lanyu island
  5. [Travel] Scenery of Zhaoxing Dong Village in Liping
  6. [Life Tips] 6 foods to keep you fit
  7. [Life Tips] 10 best fruits for your good health
  8. [Culture] Prices of Mo's calligraphic works sky high

What's happening in China

Wait and See!
I can catch you, rats

  1. Shanghai reports 1 H7N9 death
  2. 5 dead, 23 injured in NW China road accident
  3. Rehab centers face obstacles in China
  4. Sniffer dogs get new life with families
  5. Chemical plant blaze blamed on illegal work
  6. An officer's long battle against drug abuse

Military Observatory

  1. J-15 fighter jet fastened on aircraft carrier
  2. China, Lebanon to further promote military ties
  3. Chinese, Russian special forces in joint training
  4. Special operation members in escorting training
  5. PLAAF strengthens pilots' air combat capability
  6. PLA raises supply standards of combat uniforms

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China PoliticsRead more

  1. 3rd session of 12th NPC Standing Committee holds 1st plenary meeting
  2. Spokeswoman elaborates on mainland-Taiwan ties "roadmap"
  3. CPC politburo's action key to fighting improper work styles
  4. Xi stresses adherence to socialism, serving people

Foreign AffairsRead more

  1. Bangladesh OKs China's transnational highway proposal
  2. Chinese president meets with Surinamese counterpart
  3. Korean Peninsula situation to be discussed during ROK president's China visit: spokeswoman
  4. China's top political advisor meets with Congolese guest
  5. Four Chinese killed in Papua New Guinea

MilitaryRead more

  1. India, Pakistan armies exchange fire in Kashmir for second day
  2. J-15 fighter jet fastened on aircraft carrier
  3. Senior Chinese military leaders meet U.S. retired generals
  4. China, Lebanon to further promote military ties
  5. Advanced course on international assistance and protection kicks off

News of Communist Party of China

Top CPC Leadership

  1. Xi stresses adherence to socialism, serving people
  2. Shenzhou-10 mission marks staged success of China's manned space program: Vice Premier


China Stocks

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BusinessRead more

  1. Singapore stocks end up 0.47%, buoyed by China's assurances
  2. Cyprus signs LNG plant memorandum with energy companies
  3. McDonald's Israel refuses to open branch in West Bank settlement
  4. Mainland spokeswoman defends cross-Strait service trade pact
  5. Exit from QE may force emerging nations to hike rates: S. Korea

China SocietyRead more

  1. Survivor of terror attack Zhang Jingchuan arrives in Kunming
  2. Chinese disabled have smaller incomes: federation
  3. China mulls law to ensure elevator safety
  4. 5 injured in central China arson
  5. N China invests in early human project
  6. Shanghai reports 1 H7N9 death

Most Popular

WorldRead more

  1. Media workers gather at Mandela's Houghton house in Johannesburg
  2. Iranian supreme leader says "obstinacy" obstacle to solving nuclear issue
  3. No quick decision on Snowden's asylum request: Ecuadorian FM
  4. S. Africa university postpones conferring honorary degree on visiting Obama
  5. S.Korea's food mogul under arrest warrant for slush funds

Life&CultureRead more

  1. Stunning camping sites in the world
  2. Ganging up on Disney
  3. Bikini supermodel cools off at beach
  4. Qin Lan poses for Vogue magazine
  5. Ever wanted an edible book?
  6. Scenes in 'A song in the clouds' released

TibetRead more

  1. UK is not for 'Tibetan independence'
  2. Sino-Australia friendship enhanced through "Beauty of Tibet"
  3. Modernized Tibetan opera eyes world stages
  4. Italian scholar says he loves freedom based on real history of Tibet
  5. Tibet banking blueprint

Special CoverageRead more

PD Online DatabaseRead more

  1. Video: Xi Jinping, Zhang Dejiang address NPC closing session
  2. Video: Premier Li Keqiang meets the press
  3. CPPCC chairman delivers speech
  4. Profile: Xi Jinping
  5. Profile: Li Keqiang
  6. Profile: Zhang Dejiang
  7. Profile: Yu Zhengsheng
  8. Profile: Liu Yunshan
  9. Profile: Wang Qishan
  10. Profile: Zhang Gaoli
  11. Report on China's economic, social development plan
  12. Report on the Work of the Government
  13. China's parliament endorses new cabinet lineup
  14. China unveils new cabinet

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