Symposium on international communication and exchange highlights stories of SW China's Guizhou

(People's Daily Online) 09:52, October 30, 2023

A symposium on international communication and exchange focusing on telling the stories of southwest China's Guizhou Province to the world was held in the provincial capital Guiyang on Oct. 26, 2023.

The event also marked the launch of the Belt and Road Youth Friendship Exchange Program, during which representatives from media outlets in Europe and Asia will explore Guizhou.

The symposium aimed to enhance Guizhou's presence in the joint construction of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), while also promoting its international communication capacity and expanding its international influence.

Chen Benrong, director of the Information Office of the Guizhou Provincial People's Government, emphasized in his speech that Guizhou is a natural treasure, a cultural gem, and an open land.

Chen expressed his hope that journalists from the various media outlets attending the symposium would actively engage in international communication regarding Guizhou's implementation of Chinese modernization. He encouraged them to share Guizhou's stories and portray a positive image of the province.

A symposium on international communication and exchange is held in Guiyang, capital city of southwest China's Guizhou Province on Oct. 26, 2023, with a focus on telling Guizhou's stories to the world. (People's Daily Online/Tu Min)

Tang Weihong, chairperson of the Supervisory Board of People's Daily Online, emphasized the efforts made by People's Daily Online to promote Chinese cities and tell China's stories to the world. The platform has been actively exploring new approaches and supporting local governments in showcasing China's achievements to the world.

People's Daily Online will leverage a diverse range of platforms and channels to effectively communicate with different regions, countries, and audience groups. By doing so, it aims to enhance Guizhou's standing as a world-class tourist destination, explore and showcase Guizhou's distinctive ethnic and regional culture, highlight the province's implementation of Chinese modernization, and promote its high-quality development, said Tang.

(Web editor: Hongyu, Liang Jun)