Job-hopping vlogger clocks 6 mln followers by trying 30 jobs in 6 months

(People's Daily Online) 13:22, October 12, 2023

A young vlogger from Chengdu in southwest China's Sichuan Province has garnered significant attention on Chinese social media platforms. She made waves after resigning from her white-collar job earlier this year to briefly try out various professions, subsequently sharing her experiences through online videos.

In just six months, the vlogger, known by the username @池早是我 (Chizaoshiwo), has dabbled in over 30 distinct jobs. These range from food delivery and housekeeping to more unique jobs like becoming a firefighter, Sichuan Opera performer, artist's assistant, and internet cafe attendant.

Her "job taste tester" videos have quickly gone viral online, amassing over 6 million followers across China's major social media platforms.

In a recent popular video, she documented her journey learning to perform with a Sichuan Opera troupe. She dedicated an entire month to honing her acting skills before briefly showcasing her talents on stage. This was the most intensive training for any job she's sampled.

Of the 30 jobs she has tried, firefighting and performing Sichuan Opera left the deepest impressions on her, according to the vlogger.

(Photo/Yangtse Evening News)

During her time with the Sichuan Opera troupe, she was deeply moved by the tremendous passion for the traditional art form shown by both the performers and the audience, the vlogger said. Despite their familiarity with the troupe's plays, loyal elderly fans would arrive early for the performances and purchase more than one ticket each to help the troupe overcome financial difficulties, she recalled.

Her one-day experience as a firefighter went beyond her expectations. The daily training began at 6:30 a.m. with a 3-kilometer run, followed by other intense physical tasks, including exercises on the horizontal bar and rope climbing. At the end of the grueling day, she gained a profound appreciation for firefighters' dedication and strong sense of mission.

"I've been fascinated by documentaries since I was young. I enjoy watching how people from all walks of life lead different lives. Learning about different cultures and stories is very appealing to me," she said.

Her "job taste tester" experiences have brought about significant changes in her perspective, according to the vlogger.

"I've tried many different occupations and met people with different life experiences. After hearing their stories, I realized that every job comes with its share of difficulties," said the vlogger. She added that these unique experiences have broadened her horizons and inspired her to reflect more on the world and life.

The vlogger disclosed that her choices regarding which jobs to explore are influenced by her personal interests, suggestions from fans, and direct invitations. The next role she intends to try is being a security guard, a position highly requested by her followers. She plans to experience a total of 100 different jobs.

"I haven't given much thought to long-term career planning and I'm uncertain about what the next year will hold after completing the 100 job experiences. Just as I didn't anticipate trying out 30 different jobs this year," she commented.

As for her future professional direction, she believes the answer will reveal itself in time.

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