Shanghai's Minhang Development Zone champions low-carbon development

(People's Daily Online) 13:45, July 14, 2023

In Shanghai’s Minhang Economic and Technological Development Zone, the sparkle of photovoltaic panels along tree-lined factories reflects a commitment to the green transition. The zone is filled with green and low-carbon applications.

"We’re promoting the use of green, clean energy," said Ruan Weimin, vice president of Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co. Ltd. "We have completed rooftop photovoltaic installations for three workshops with an installed capacity of 1,200-kilowatt peak. These installations are expected to generate 1.15 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 480 tonnes per year."

Ruan’s company illustrates the green and low-carbon ethos of Minhang Development Zone. By the end of 2022, the zone boasted 12 enterprises with photovoltaic power stations, and their annual photovoltaic power generation surpassed 10 million kilowatt hours.

Members of the “Hello, Carbon Neutrality” research group visit Minhang Development Zone. (People’s Daily Online/Ge Junjun)

The "Hello, Carbon Neutrality" research team, an initiative by People’s Daily Online, recently visited Minhang Development Zone, one of the first national economic and technological development zones, to explore how green development contributes to the park's significant achievements.

Minhang Development Zone was approved as a national ecological industrial demonstration park in 2014 and became one of the first zero-carbon parks in Shanghai in 2023. The zone's commitment to green development over the years has deepened its resolve to create a showcase for zero-carbon initiatives.

The “Action Plan for the Creation of a Zero-Carbon Demonstration Park in Minhang Development Zone” is released in June 2022. (Photo courtesy of Minhang Development Zone)

In its mission to achieve its zero-carbon goal, Minhang Development Zone has initiated a series of plans, all designed to invigorate the inherent dynamism and innovation vital for a zero-carbon park.

To expedite these plans, the park has launched several green and low-carbon projects. In November 2021, the park upgraded its aquatic park to improve its carbon sink capacity. By October 2022, the central heating project's main heating network was completed, accommodating enterprises' heating needs while reducing their energy consumption and pollutant emissions.

The sketch map of the heat pipelines of the central heating project in Minhang Development Zone. (Photo courtesy of Minhang Development Zone)

In terms of green and low-carbon applications, the park is augmenting its layout of photovoltaic power generation projects. The park's businesses are also actively undertaking wastewater emission reduction, equipment upgrading, waste heat recovery, energy management system implementation, energy-saving diagnostics, energy audits, and clean production. These initiatives provide a consistent flow of green power to ensure the park's sustainable, low-carbon development.

"The rollout and endorsement of these programs have prompted numerous leading enterprises to pursue green, low-carbon, and high-quality development," said Qin Yong, an executive of Shanghai Real Estate Minhong (Group) Co. Ltd.

An aerial view of Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator, the 2022 “leader” in green and low-carbon development in Minhang Development Zone. (Photo courtesy of Minhang Development Zone)

This year, Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator plans to conduct exploratory research into low-carbon product technology, intelligent maintenance, and digital acceptance. Ruan says the company aims to unlock its potential to meet the dual carbon goals.

According to Yu Lun, deputy general manager of Shanghai ABB Motor Co. Ltd., the company will consistently strive to conserve energy and minimize carbon emissions.

Meanwhile, Wang Bin, operations director of Shanghai Siemens Switch Co. Ltd., said green and low-carbon development had always been an important part of Siemens' competitive strategy. The company is committed to pursuing a sustainable development path, balancing economic benefits with energy-saving and carbon-reduction efforts.

Qin said that Minhang Development Zone would enhance multi-field collaborative innovation and that it would cooperate with the park's enterprises. The objective is to build a leading example of sustainable development among Shanghai's industrial parks and contribute to the nation's "dual-carbon" goals.

(Web editor: Hongyu, Liang Jun)


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