AI Vibes: Courageous young girl pursues her dreams despite disability

By Sheng Chuyi (People's Daily Online) 14:13, June 26, 2023

Virtual anchor, real stories. In this video, our AI anchor shares a story of a courageous young girl who pursued her dreams despite disability. On June 8, a disabled young girl named Jiang Zhangziyi, who uses a skateboard, confidently exited an examination hall in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, having completed the college entrance exam. She was accompanied by her father and teacher. She greeted her waiting mother with a wave and a smile, drawing applause from surrounding parents and students.

In 2010, at only six years old, Jiang was involved in a tragic car accident that resulted in the loss of her legs. The year following her surgeries, Jiang expressed her desire to learn to dance. Though many instructors were hesitant, her mother's relentless search led them to a teacher willing to work with her. Through rigorous practice, despite pain and sweat, Jiang crafted a powerful dance routine that resonated with many.

Eventually, a video of Jiang's dance spread across the internet, inspiring many with her spirit. Despite her disability, Jiang's story serves as a reminder that courage and tenacity can help anyone reach new heights. Keep going, brave girl!

 (Gong Weiwei, as an intern, also contributed to this video.)

(Web editor: Sheng Chuyi, Wu Chengliang)


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