Greetings of Tibetan New Year from Panchen Erdeni Chos-kyi rGyal-po

(People's Daily Online) 09:27, February 22, 2023

Another year has arrived, and spring is blooming. Dear friends, I would like to send my warm wishes for a happy New Year to fellow Tibetans from home and abroad! Losar Tashi Delek!

In 2022, I visited many villages and temples in Tibet and saw such rapid development and countless happy faces.

Thanks to a lot of progress, poverty in Tibet has been reduced dramatically. People are proud of protecting their homeland and making it a better place. They can now freely practice their religion, and the lives of monks and nuns has greatly improved.

I've had discussions with Tibetan Buddhist communities, and we reached a lot of agreements on how Tibetan Buddhism can adapt to a socialist society and contribute to the building of a modern, new Tibet. I call upon Tibetan Buddhist communities to serve the people, maintain national unity, and fulfill their noble mission of loving our country and religion and benefiting the people. This is the faithful cultivation of the true followers of Shakyamuni Buddha, benefiting all human beings and bringing them happiness. It is also the bright future and the healthy inheritance of Tibetan Buddhism.

Last year was tough for each and every one of us, but we were all heroes in our own right. The pandemic did not defeat us, and these hardships did not bring us down. Instead, they made us stronger, more resilient and taught us the importance of supporting each other and working together.

In the New Year, let's respect life, be grateful to nature, cherish what we have, and work together believing that we're bound to a bright future.

In the New Year, let's draw inspiration from the rich traditional culture of our nation, cultivate a boundless spirit of self-improvement, nurture our compassionate hearts, prioritize the well-being of others, cultivate all virtues, and to continually uplift our spiritual practice.

In the New Year, let us honor the elders, educate the young, cultivate good values and maintain harmony at home.

Let's believe in ourselves in this New Year and cultivate goodness daily. Plant the seed of happiness in our hearts and reap the rewards we desire.

May our cure for bitterness, our source of peace and happiness, and our Buddhist teachings be supported and benefit all in this world.

Let us welcome the Tibetan new Year of the Rabbit with a joyful heart. I pray for good weather, happiness and harmony, peace and prosperity; I pray for world peace and the well-being of all human beings! I wish you all a happy new year, and may all your wishes come true! Tashi Delek! 

(Source: China Tibet Online)

(Web editor: Zhang Kaiwei, Liang Jun)


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