The beauty of intangible cultural heritage: Kalpin tableware

(People's Daily App) 16:26, September 13, 2022

In Kalpin County, Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, every family uses wooden bowls and spoons to eat.

The wooden tableware is beautiful, sophisticated and practical.

When you pick up a small apricot wood spoon and scoop up a spoonful of delicious lamb soup, the faint apricot fragrance immediately penetrates the nostrils and refreshes the soul.

These wooden spoons and bowls with the beauty of age and antiquity are a perfect match for the world's best food and tableware.

They have witnessed the history of the ancestors of the people of Kalpin and recorded the progress of human civilization.

(Compiled by Huang Yaping)

(Web editor: Zhong Wenxing, Liang Jun)


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