China-Solomon Islands security cooperation not targeted at any third party: FM

By Xu Zheqi (People's Daily App) 13:51, April 21, 2022

China said on Wednesday the security cooperation between the country and Solomon Islands "is not targeted at any third party, and does not replace existing bilateral and multilateral mechanisms of security cooperation".

Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Wang Wenbin made the remarks at a regular press briefing in response to a statement issued by the US National Security Council that the US and its allies were concerned the cooperation may pose a risk to a free and open Indo-Pacific.

"China and the Solomon Islands conduct security cooperation on the basis of equality, mutual benefit, openness and transparency, to help Solomon Islands maintain social order, tackle natural disasters and carry out humanitarian aid", said Wang, adding that he doesn't understand how this cooperation poses "serious risks" to the US.

"If the US line of argument is followed, does that mean Pacific Island countries can only carry out security cooperation with the US and its few allies? Does that mean cooperation with other countries is deemed a threat? Does the US see Pacific Island countries as sovereign states or its dependencies? Is the US seeking to develop equal-footed relations with the Pacific Island countries or control them?" Wang asked.

(Cover photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

(Web editor: Zhong Wenxing, Liang Jun)


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