Finals for 2021 "My Story of Chinese Hanzi" international competition to kick off

(People's Daily Online) 14:34, September 28, 2021

The finals for the 2021 "My Story of Chinese Hanzi" international competition, hosted by the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and organized by People's Daily Online and the Xining Municipal Government, are set to be held on Oct. 12 in Xining, capital of northwest China's Qinghai province.

After many rounds of fierce competition, in which videos were submitted in a virtual talent show, 10 winners whose video entries stood out in the semi-finals were selected by the contest organizing committee to move onto the finals. They include finalists from India, Syria, Zimbabwe, Japan, the Republic of the Congo, Kazakhstan, the U.S., Argentina, France, and Germany.

Each finalist will deliver a seven-minute speech focusing on the theme of the Chinese character "Ren", which represents benevolence and the unity of all things under heaven, a fundamental value long cherished in Chinese culture. Various awards will be announced after scoring and final assessments are carried out by the judges.

The names of the 10 contestants who went through to the finals of the 2021 "My Story of Chinese Hanzi" international competition are listed below (in random order):

1. NATH DEBORSHMI, Quality Schools International, India


3. MICHAEL MUBAIWA, Jiangsu University, Zimbabwe

4. TANISHITA MARI, Jiangsu Vocational College of Information Technology, Japan

5. PASSY CHARLES RISEPH, Shanxi University, The Republic of Congo

6. DANA DYUSSEMBAYEVA, Central China Normal University, Kazakhstan

7. JACOB STEELE ELLIS, Qinghai Normal University, U.S. 

8. GUILLERMO PUIG, Xi'an International Studies University, Argentina

9. RICHARD MICHEL THOMAS GORDON-MARTINS, Chengdu University of Technology, France

10. CHRISTOPH STAHL, Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai, Germany

(Web editor: Hongyu, Bianji)


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