Inheritor of miniature sculpture

(Xinhua) 13:28, July 14, 2021

Pan Qihui checks his miniature artworks at his studio in Chongqing, southwest China, July 12, 2021. Pan Qihui, 72, an inheritor with over 40 years of experience in miniature sculpture that employs materials as gold, jade, porcelain even hair to create exquisite mini-artworks. Pan loves calligraphy and painting since his childhood, and began to be enthusiastic about miniature sculpture in the 1980s. He learnt the art from masters and due to lack of materials, he practiced the technique on toothbrush and chopsticks in the beginning. In 2018, he was granted the title of master of Chinese arts and crafts. For Pan, art needs time, inspiration and also love from the heart and persistence. Nowadays, Pan is trying his best to pass down his art to younger generations by teaching his apprentices from different corners of China. (Xinhua/Wang Quanchao)


(Web editor: Xia Peiyao, Hongyu)


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