China nabs over 7,100 illegal border crossers in special crackdown

(Xinhua) 13:46, March 30, 2021

BEIJING, March 29 (Xinhua) -- China's National Immigration Administration said Monday that a total of 7,194 individuals have been seized for illegal border crossing since the end of 2020, up 326 percent year on year.

Investigations were carried out into 2,514 criminal cases involving actions that jeopardized border security, capturing over 6,200 suspects nationwide, since the Ministry of Public Security launched a related crackdown late last year.

Targeting criminal networks and organizers behind the scenes, Chinese police and border authorities have busted 93 groups disrupting border security, as well as 25 dens functioning as transfer stations, seizing 412 vehicles.

Efforts have also been made to improve the efficiency of such work, such as by launching joint law enforcement efforts and enhancing information sharing.

An official with the administration said Chinese police and border authorities will further strengthen the crackdown on border control-related crimes, resolutely prevent the imported COVID-19 cases due to illegal border crossing, and safeguard national security and social stability.

(Web editor: Guo Wenrui, Liang Jun)


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