Musical drama 'The Wings of Songs' showcases beautiful Xinjiang

(CGTN) 13:40, March 29, 2021

The musical drama "The Wings of Songs" reveals the diverse culture and beautiful scenery of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Released on Sunday, March 28, the film tells the story of three young men of different ethnic groups who collect folk songs around Xinjiang to pursue their dream of becoming musicians.

A "The Wings of Songs" poster. /Tian Shan Film Studio

The trio traveled through Urumqi, the Hui Autonomous Prefecture of Changji, the Kazak Autonomous Prefecture of Ili, the Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture of Kizilsu, the Kashgar Prefecture and other regions in Xinjiang. Along their journey, they came across snow mountains, grassland, desert, plateaus and lakes, giving viewers a glimpse of Xinjiang's beautiful scenery.

Eight songs, four dances and two musical plays were created for the film, which shows the diverse folk customs and cultures of the Uygur, Kazak and other six ethnic groups living in Xinjiang.

A "The Wings of Songs" poster. /Tian Shan Film Studio

Zhang Sitao, director of the Film Literature Creation Committee of the China Film Association, said musical dramas are not commonly seen in China's domestic film industry, so "The Wings of Songs" is significant in exploring and pushing the development of the genre.

He also said that a distinctive characteristic of the film is that it fully showcases the rich cultural resources of Xinjiang by integrating the beautiful scenery and the local people's love for singing and dancing into an inspiring story, presenting a fast-developing, modern and united Xinjiang.

(Web editor: Meng Bin, Hongyu)


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