7-year-old girl in SW China's Guizhou amazes netizens with her stunts

(People's Daily Online) 17:19, March 19, 2021

Despite her young age and short height, seven-year-old Yang Zixuan from southwest China's Guizhou province is perfectly capable of holding her own with the adult male students when it comes to doing difficult flips.

Yang began studying martial arts and fighting when she was three. Due to her outstanding performance, it was then suggested that she learn integrated stunts involving complex skills. Amazingly, Yang took just two months to master the basic stunt skills.


The girl's coach Chen Daping said she learns very fast. "It often takes other students a few days or a week or even half a month to master a skill, but half an hour is enough for her," Chen noted.

Unlike martial arts and Taekwondo, stunt work requires more skills, such as good physical coordination and explosive strength.

Yang is very talented, hardworking and quick to take instructions, a combination that is very rare, said her coach.

"I like Chinese kung fu stars Jet Li and Bruce Li, as well as martial artist Zhang Weili and boxer Wang Hongxiang, who are good at fighting. I dream of being as good as them," Yang said.


"I will support her, as she likes stunts so much and never complains even if each training session is tiring," said Yang's mother.

The training is not always easy. "I suffered injuries before. I got five stitches on my foot when I cut it on something sharp," Yang said, adding that she didn’t cry because martial artists should not be afraid of pain.

Yang can’t practice some of the more difficult stunts due to her young age. But whenever her coach teaches other students, the little girl will stand by to observe and study. “Whenever I fail to do a flip, I observe how my coach does it until I master it and succeed," she said.

"I want to be a world champion in martial arts, fighting and stunts, and win honors for my country," the girl said.

Yang went viral recently after a video of her doing flips was put online. Her followers on various short video platforms not only marveled at her stunts, but also praised her easygoing personality and warm smile.


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