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6 strategies to bring your single days to an end during Qixi Festival

(People's Daily Online)    15:42, August 09, 2016

The Qixi Festival , also known as the Chinese Valentine's Day, is a Chinese festival that celebrates the annual meeting of the cowherd and weaver girl in Chinese mythology.

Are you still searching the soul mate desperately? Here are some strategies to help you end the single life.

1. Matchmaking Apps

Nowadays, there are a lot of matchmaking apps designed to help people find love. Melissa, 24, hails from New Zealand. She recently carried out a "dating experiment" using one of these apps. She went on 30 dates in 30 days, and in the end she really did find true love. If you want to follow the same strategy, remember to stay vigilant about privacy and security.

2. Eating garlic

No, it's not a joke. British and Czech researchers have found that eating garlic can actually make the scent of a man's sweat more "attractive" to potential partners. 

3. Play "naive"

A group of psychologists from the U.S. proved that, although men initially find smart women the most attractive, they are more likely to lose interest in smart women later on, after a relationship has already begun. So in the hunt for true love, one strategy may be for girls to modulate their intelligence.

4. Wrong number

Deliberately sending a "wrong message" to open a conversation may be an old trick, but it's an old trick that has often proven itself successful. A 53-year-old divorcee once fell in love with her 23-year-old associate by intentionally sending him a "wrong message" during a business trip. Eventually, the pair got married. 

5. Selfie hand

Envious of all those lovers showing affection during the festival? Two American artists have designed the selfie hand--a selfie stick attached to an arm and hand, which the selfie-taker can hold so it looks like he or she is not alone. However, the hand is currently priced at a whopping $6,200, so it might be cheaper to find true love the old-fasioned way!


6. Inflatable doll

With this special toy, you no longer need a real girlfriend--or at least that's premise of advertisements for this inflatable doll from Japan. A 34-year-old Korean photographer even takes his doll out for dinner, shopping and traveling, just like he is dating a real lover. 

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