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U.S. display of military power act of hegemony: People’s Daily

By Zhao Cheng (People's Daily)    13:20, June 25, 2016

Playing a rather destructive role in the South China Sea issue, the U.S. is actually the root cause of escalating tension in the region with its threats to China’s territory and maritime rights, the People’s Daily strongly criticized the U.S. in a commentary published on Wednesday.

The article titled “U.S. display of military power act of hegemony” was published under the pen name “Zhong Sheng”, a Chinese-language homonym for the phrase “voice of China” that is often used to express the paper's views on foreign policy.

In the article, the paper condemned the recent drills conducted by two American aircraft carriers in the waters near the Philippines, which was touted by a U.S. navy official as “deterrence” against China.

The full text of the article reads as follows:

Two U.S. aircraft carriers recently conducted military drills in waters near the Philippines,yet John Richardson, the chief of U.S. Naval Operations, claimed at a conference on Monday that “the Navy does not get to do two-carrier operations very often.”

He said that the deployment was a signal of the U.S. commitment to regional security, adding that he hoped it would deter any attempts to destabilize the region.

What the U.S. did is in truth an old trick,whereby it repeatedly attempts to scare off its opponents by displaying its military might as a kind of“security vigilante.”

Such behavior may go over smoothly in some parts of the world, but China is obviously a wrong choice for the U.S. to target with its game of “deterrence.”Hidden behind this misjudgment is Washington's anxiety and arrogance, which is the true expression of its hegemonic nature.

The military drills and remarks from the senior U.S. military official once again prove that the “mighty eagle” is far from being a “security guardian” in the region, andis instead a troublemaker. Regarding the South China Sea issue, the U.S.remains a rather destructive figure.

The U.S. has been blaming China for “militarization” in the South China Sea for quite some time, with claims the country is disrupting regional peace and stability. However, it is the U.S. that sent aircraft carriers and strategic bombers to the region.

U.S. missile destroyers have approached China’s islands more than once in the name of “navigational freedom.” Consecutive military drills between the U.S. and its allies were also conducted.

Such facts prove that it is the U.S. who is trying to turn the South China Sea into a gunpowder barrel by promoting its militarization.

The U.S. is a country outside the South China Sea region, yet its military force sails all the way across the vast Pacific Ocean to demonstrate its power. By doing so, the country clearly intends to stir up tension and disrupt regional peace and stability so that it can benefit from the disturbance and protect its hegemony.

This deceitful business is in open contempt of international law as well as a flagrant threat to other countries’ security interests.

The U.S. has promised to China on many international occasions that it will not take sides when it comes to territorial disputes in the South China Sea. However, the series of military actions conducted by the U.S. says otherwise, exposing the country’s hypocrisy.

It is clear that the U.S.provocation of China’s land and maritime interests are the root causes of the tense South China Sea situation.

In the South China Sea issue, China’s will to maintain its national sovereignty and territorial integrity is as solid as a boulder. China will defend each piece of its land, and no one should question the country when it comes to its rightful and legitimate territory.

China will continue to strictly monitor the air and sea, take appropriate measures when deemed necessary, and defend itself against situations that pose a threat to China’s territorial sovereignty and security interests.

The U.S. must be clear that China will not let other countries bully the region or act arbitrarily regardless of the rules when it comes to South China Sea stability.

The hegemonic actionsof the U.S. are truly a farce, and itmust bear in mind that it will pay the price if it crosses the line. By then, what the U.S. needs to face would not be as easy as one or two military drills or some harsh words, 

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