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Commentary: Why is There a Blackout on “Democracy Spring” among U.S. Media?

(People's Daily Online)    05:44, May 24, 2016

Thousands of protesters from over 300 organizations gathered by the Capitol Hill in the Washington, D.C., the U.S., during April 11 to 18, 2016, as part of a week-long protest in the U.S. national capital against big money in politics. Protesters chanted "money out, people in," among other slogans. The police have so far arrested over 1,000 people.

Among the slogans held up by the protestors, there was a noticeable one that said, “CNN, Where are you?”. The message was apparently intended to disgrace CNN for not covering the protest. The “Democracy Spring” protest in the U.S. leads to reflections on American political system as well as freedom of the press.

"This crowd big for ya CNN???"

1. “Democracy Spring” Once Again Highlights the Vices of American Political System

It is not surprising that such a wave of protest should be kindled at this time in the U.S., a country currently full of challenges and difficulties at home and abroad. People are losing confidence in the government.

At home, there are movements such as “Occupy Wall Street”, “Black Lives Matter”, and the recent “Democracy Spring”. On top of all these, the U.S. economy also sees slumps.

Abroad, the U.S. is still in the swamp of Iraqi and Afghanistan. The shadow of terrorism hangs over this country “from ocean to ocean”. The torrent of refugees is testing Europe and the U.S. is not spared.

In such a context, America welcomes the election year, and a new president will sweep to power by the end of this year. The “Democracy Spring” protest is targeted at the money-oriented election.

In the U.S. presidential election, whoever burns the most money gets the biggest chance. If some billionaires were reserved about making donations before, they now have a bigger reason to do so after the Supreme Court cancelled the limit of donation in 2014, which allowing them to blatantly use their money to “invest” into the election. According to the American non-profit anti-corruption entity “Represent US”, in the past five years, 200 companies have donated 5.8 billion USD in the election, and they get a reward of 4.4 trillion USD. In other words, every one dollar they donate, they get 760 dollars in return. The politics in the U.S. has become the game of the affluence.

2. The U.S. Media Neglect the Anger of People

People are more often than not baffled by the “freedom of the press” propagated by Uncle Sam. But is the press really that free and independent?

During the “Occupy Wall Street” in 2011, the media tried hard to create an image of a group of homeless and trouble-makers, drunk, making love in the tents, and vandalizing. The reports are always biased.

The situation is even worse in the “Democracy Spring” this time. The appeal of the protestors was executing real equality in the election, but the mainstream media failed to give them attention. That is why they had the slogan, “CNN, Where are you?”

3. The Torchlight of U.S. Media Focus on Only Others but Not Themselves

The U.S. claims they despise propaganda, and criticize other countries for “brain-washing”, as if the U.S. media alone respects the truth. But facts prove that this is mere hypocrisy.

With regard to humanitarianism, America has a dark history of blood-shed. The establishment of the country is based on the massacre of the Indians, and its development on exploitation of slaves.

The “Democracy Spring” protest symbolizes to some extent the end of American dreams for some people, who have headed from economic battle to a political one.

The reports from American media more often than not adopt double-standard. Standing on the moral high ground, they are confident in their political system and criticize the humanitarian and democratic situations in other countries. From Arab Spring to Orange Revolution, CNN has covered all the “democratic” events across the world. Why is it not interested in the “Democracy Spring” taking place right in the capital of America? The reason is simple: CNN does not speak for the people. It speaks for their bosses, for their advertisers, and for the most powerful groups and individuals in the United States. The “Democracy Spring” touches the fundamental political system of America, and the invested interests will not be happy about that.

Although the protest has been suppressed, the problems and vices of America institutions could not be suppressed.

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