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Wearable technology is No. 1 fitness trend for 2016

(CRI Online)    19:35, December 28, 2015

BEIJING, Dec. 28 -- Nearly 3,000 health and fitness experts worldwide have voted wearable technology as the number one fitness trend of 2016.

The trend list also includes high intensity interval training and yoga.

The American College of Sports Medicine forecast that wearable technology would be the number one fitness trend for the New Year after the institution interviewed 2,800 professionals worldwide.

Wearable technology includes fitness trackers, smart watches, heart rate monitors and GPS tracking systems.

They provide immediate feedback to people during their workouts.

Doctor Cynthia Thaik with the College of Sports Medicine says wearable devices are great tools to help people maintain an optimal heart rate during their workouts.

"Typically when we talk about exercise and the target heart rate we want to have patients' figure their peak heart rate which is basically 220 minus their age so if you're a 70 year old gentleman, then your 100 percent heart rate would be 150, then from there you pick anywhere from 60 to 80 per cent of that to achieve and then sustain over a duration of time."

High-Intensity Interval Training, which began gaining popularity last year, is also on the list of popular fitness trends.

Made up of short bursts of activity followed by a short rest or recovery, it can usually be completed within 30 minutes.

Ana Lawson, is an actress and uses the method to relieve stress.

"I love it because when you take the sand bell, you take out all of your stress, from work, whoever drives you nuts. You slam that sand bell on top of his head! No, it's a really great workout. You sweat a lot so you burn a lot of calories."

Different from conventional physical activity involving sets of strength training, aerobic exercise and flexibility exercise fitness programmes for older people are on trend as baby boomers head towards retirement.

Many of them have more discretionary cash than younger people, so health professionals are taking time to tailor age-appropriate fitness programs.

Kora-Lee Bruno is a trainer creating personalized programmes for her clients.

She uses a body composition scanning machine, which can help outline a plan of action for weight loss thought it doesn't just focus on weight.

"We use a really cool tool here. It's called the InBody machine. It measures body composition and analysis. It gives us numbers in percentage of fat, bone, muscle and water in a person. It measures it on an individual basis and this is really cool for us as trainers to use to track a client's progress as opposed to just monitoring their weight alone."

Yoga ranks number ten on the trends list.

As a long-term favorite, it's based on ancient traditions, and using specific body postures to promote relaxation.

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