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Top 10 new species of 2015: Cartwheeling spiders, 'chicken from hell' and a giant stick insect celebrated in the year's first official list (9)

By RICHARD GRAY (Mail Online)    14:30, December 23, 2015

The chicken from hell

Name: Anzu wyliei

Location: North and South Dakota, USA

What is it: Feathered dinosaur

Why it made the list: With a mixture of bird and dinosaur features, is from a bird-like group of dinosaurs that lived in North America.

A contemporary of the more famous Tyranosaurus rex and Triceratops, this species made nests and sat on its eggs until they hatched.

Among their bird-like features were feathers, hollow bones and a short snout with a parrot-like beak. These omnivores appear to have lived on floodplains eating vegetation, small animals and possibly eggs.

Three well-preserved partial skeletons were discovered in North and South Dakota, in the Hell Creek Formation. This new dinosaur was dubbed 'chicken from Hell', but standing more than five feet tall (1.5m), 10 feet long (3.5m), and weighing 600 pounds (200-300kg), it was no chicken.

The Anzu wyliei (shown above) is thought to have lived around 66 million years ago during the Cretaceous period in North America


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