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Ten misunderstandings about beer

(People's Daily Online)    10:11, July 09, 2015
Ten misunderstandings about beer
Beer is one of people's favorite drinks in the scotching summer days. (Photo/Xinhua)

People often choose to drink iced beer in the scorching summer. Beer is one of their favorite drinks in daily life, but people have many misunderstandings about beer. In reality, beer has a lot of nutritional values and health effects.

No. 1 Is beer not good for digestion?

Beer is rich in barley, alcohol, hops and polyphenols, which can improve the stomach and enhance the secretion of gastric juice. Moderate beer drinkers can improve the digestion and absorption capacity.

No. 2 Does drinking beer make people drowsy?

Beer with a lot of organic can help people reduce excessive excitement and tension. It has a wonderful refreshing effect.

No. 3 Does drinking beer make people fat?

The study found that moderate drinking of beer is conductive to anti-obesity. Containing no cholesterol, but with very little sodium, protein and calcium, beer is indeed effective to restrain obesity.

No. 4 Is beer detrimental to the eyesight?

Rich in vitamin b12 and b2 (riboflavin), beer plays an important role in protecting eyesight.

No. 5 Is beer detrimental to blood vessels health?

Moderate drinking of beer helps to prevent thrombosis and ischemic stroke, according to the researches of Harvard School of Public Health.

No. 6 Does beer lead to diabetes?

Studies have shown that people with diabetes can reduce the risk for coronary heart disease through moderate drinking of beer.

No. 7 Is beer detrimental to bone health?

Studies have shown that beer plays a role in preventing bone loss and rebuild male bone mass. However, excessive drinking can lead to increased risk for fracture.

No. 8 Does beer lead to heart disease?

Those who drink beer, especially stout beer experience a decreased risk of 50 percent for arteriosclerosis and cataract. Moderate drinking of beer reduce the risk of heart disease according to many researches.

No. 9 Is beer detrimental to brain?

Moderate drinking of beer improves women's cognitive abilities according to the report by "Journal of the American Heart Association" published in 2006.

No. 10 Does beer make people dispirited?

Those who drink one or two glasses of beer every day seems to have the lowest risk of death, according to the report of US Department of Agriculture in 2005.


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