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Tuesday, January 16, 2001, updated at 15:47(GMT+8)

China, Japan Issue Declaration for Friendship

Chinese and Japanese non- governmental organizations issued a declaration Tuesday, January 16, on the promotion of Sino-Japanese friendly cooperation in the new century.

Highlights of the declaration are as follows:

The two sides hold that Chinese and Japanese unofficial organizations have played an important role in achieving the normalization of the diplomatic ties between the two countries, the signing of the Sino-Japanese Treaty of Peace and Friendship and the promotion of the bilateral relations.

In the new century, both the Chinese and Japanese sides shall inherit and develop the tradition of friendship, and encourage unofficial exchanges so as to further the bilateral cooperation in political, economic, cultural and all other fields.

Both shall foster the spirit of the Sino-Japanese friendship, adhere to Sino-Japanese Joint Statement, Sino-Japanese Treaty of Peace and Friendship and Sino-Japanese Joint Declaration, so that the relations between China and Japan can develop in a healthy and stable way.

The building of a friendly and cooperative partnership devoted to peace and development conforms to the fundamental interest of the two peoples and also benefits peace and prosperity in Asia and the world as a whole. China and Japan, separated by just a strip of water, and sharing two thousand years of friendship despite an unfortunate period, should have a correct attitude towards that period of history, "learn from the past experience and look forward to the future" and work together to promote bilateral friendship.

The two countries agree that they will push forward the mutual- beneficial cooperation in the new century, economic cooperation in particular. As Asia is heading towards peace and development, China and Japan should further enhance economic contact so as to contribute to the promotion of economic cooperation in east Asia.

The two sides agree that it is of utmost importance to enhance trust and understanding between their people, as Sino-Japanese friendship is after all people-to-people friendship. Such a friendship needs to be nurtured through further cooperation between the two peoples in the 21st century, especially through the efforts of the younger generations.

China and Japan therefore call for joint efforts to advance the exchanges between young people of the two countries by initiating more activities and stepping up the training of professionals who devote themselves to Sino-Japanese friendship.

The declaration was issued jointly by 17 non-governmental institutions of the two countries including China-Japan Friendship Association, Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, All-China Federation of Trade Unions, Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the Japanese Dietmen's League for Japan-China Friendship.

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Chinese and Japanese non- governmental organizations issued a declaration Tuesday, January 16, on the promotion of Sino-Japanese friendly cooperation in the new century.

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