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Friday, March 10, 2000, updated at 13:58(GMT+8)


Ultra-long Seamless Rails to Connect Shanghai with Nanjing

Two seamless ultra-long rails each extending over 260 km in length will be laid on the Shanghai-Nanjing Railway to give the prospect for Shanghai and Nanjing to be linked up by two long seamless rail tracks.

March 8, at nine a.m., saw rail tracks in the section from Xixiashan to Longtan station were sealed off to rail transport in Nanjing, thereby opening the prelude to the project of Shanghai-Nanjing Railway overhauling in China.

It is reported that on account of the demand of high-speed rail transport the Chinese Ministry of Railways will heavily invest in using two long seamless rails in replacing a multitude of seamy rails laid to rebuild the Shanghai-Nanjing Railway. After completion of the project, it is reported, passengers will be enabled to have a through smooth journey on two new long seamless rail tracks between Shanghai (Zhenyi) and Nanjing (Xixiashan).

Shanghai-Nanjing Railway is one of the busiest rail lines in China. To convenience the work of rail replacement and for busy railway transport not to be affected night shift has been first introduced at the construction site.

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