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Chinese FM meets with Tongan PM


18:00, July 23, 2013

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi (R) meets with Tongan Prime Minister Siale'ataonga Tu'ivakano in Beijing, capital of China, July 23, 2013. (Xinhua/Zhang Duo)

BEIJING, July 23 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Tongan Prime Minister Siale'ataonga Tu'ivakano here on Tuesday.

China and Tonga have both faced the long-term tasks of economic development and improving people's welfare, and they have both enjoyed bright prospects for cooperation, Wang said, adding that China will always be a reliable friend to Tonga.

China will implement the agreement reached by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli and Tu'ivakano on further strengthening bilateral ties, according to Wang.

Wang said China will enhance cooperation with Tonga on the Pacific Islands Forum and other international and regional issues.

Tu'ivakano voiced his appreciation for China's support to his country, noting that Tonga will stably adhere to one-China policy.

Tonga and China have witnessed great development in bilateral ties, Tu'ivakano said, adding that Tonga will push forward cooperation between the two countries.

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