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Double standards cripple global efforts against terrorism


18:54, July 03, 2013

BEIJING, July 3 (Xinhua) -- Recent terror attacks in China's western region of Xinjiang have shocked the world, but some Western governments and media appear oddly unsympathetic and even suspicious of Beijing's firm hand against terrorism.

The appalling deaths of 24 people, including 16 Uigurs and two police officers in Xinjiang's Shanshan County last Wednesday is a brutal reminder of the barbaric nature of terrorists, who advocate violence and random killing in defiance of all laws and humanity to achieve evil goals.

It is not the first time the terrorist, extremist and separatist groups in Xinjiang colluded with foreign anti-China forces to launch bloody attacks to put fear into the people and disrupt China's unity and development.

Some in the West, however, have turned a blind eye to the apparent acts of terror and instead pointed the finger at the Chinese government. Rather than condemn the terrorists, they have blamed Beijing's ethnic policies and even hinted at religious repression.

Their unfair accusations are far from facts and feelings of Xinjiang residents. For decades, the Chinese government has channeled money, technology and talent into developing Xinjiang, while respecting the culture, language and religion of ethnic minorities.

The Muslim Uigurs, in particular, enjoy favorable treatment and a much higher living standard than decades before. They desire a stable environment to pursue further prosperity and social well-being.

The recent ferocious attacks against fellow citizens in Xinjiang have gone far beyond ethnic or religious conflicts. Such acts of violence cannot be tolerated in any country under the rule of law, and go against Islamic teaching, which stresses peace and the value of human lives.

The mind-set of some Westerners stems in fact from their deep-rooted prejudice against China and a self-absorbed moral arrogance, which underpins their intervention in the internal affairs of another country.

Western countries have been victims of terrorism themselves. They have beefed up anti-terror efforts since the 9/11 attacks in the United States, the Norway attacks, and the Boston Marathon bombing, to name a few, and joined hands to crack down on terrorism.

The apparent double standards can only thwart global cooperation against terrorism. It not only puts the justice of anti-terror efforts in doubt, but also plays into the hands of the extremists and terrorists.

Terrorism is a global enemy. No country can fight terrorism single-handedly. It requires a common standard and cooperation from other countries.

By doing so, one should first of all abandon their biased view against China and stop providing cheap excuses for the Xinjiang terrorists, who could well have more blood on their hands if not deterred.


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